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Patient Testimonials


Oct 20, 2017
Kendra R.
I love everyone there they are friendly and professional



, Oct 20, 2017
Mary Ann Fisher
Overall experience very good. All staff is courteous and professional.



Oct 19, 2017
Colin R.
Exceptionally good and 100% recommended. Thank you, Patty ! I wish that I had found this office years ago.



Oct 18, 2017
Carol Kasprik
Dr. A is the best They took me in right away and did all they could to make me comfortable knowing how much pain I was in. 
Great staff from the front receptionist to the hygienist. 
ank you 



 Oct 18, 2017
Angie Maria Reyes-Esteves
Everyone is super friendly and helpful in getting over your fears. Haven’t had a bad experience ever with anyone of them and believe me I’ve been to some of the worst dentists which help me stay away. I can honestly say it’s “almost” a pleasure to go to the dentist since I’ve found them. Dr. A is the best and his assistant David. Highly recommend. 



Oct 18, 2017
Maria E.
My experiences with dentists had not ever been good and they’ve never done anything to calm my fears but going here and getting my procedure done with Dr. A and David his assistant has been an absolute pleasure. Felt at ease with both and highly recommend that you get yourself treated by Dr. A you won’t regret it! 



Oct 18, 2017
Lori C.
The staff is always caring and competent. A big shout out to Dave who was so comforting when I was having some extractions done and needed some extra care.



 Oct 16, 2017
Kendra Ryals
I think that everyone is very nice I give everyone five star



 Oct 12, 2017
Dillon Thomas
Very caring and very comfortable. Best experience I've had a medical facility of any kind.



 Oct 11, 2017
Anna P.
Great as always. Dr. A and David took great care of me. I had a very challenging dental issue and Dr. A persevered and was patient and got it done. Thank you!



Oct 07, 2017
Natasha DaSilva Gradim
Staff is great, doctor is great!! Very homey feel, definitely trustworthy! Thanks guys you made magic happen to me and my wife. ���
Business Response:
Thank you. You made US smile. 😘



Oct 07, 2017
Annie E.
Nothing you guys were amazing



 Oct 07, 2017
Marc Gonzalez
Business Response:
Thanks so much!



, Oct 06, 2017
Excellent as always! Alma did a very thorough cleaning!



 Oct 06, 2017
Patty has provided me with excellent dental hygiene support for 28 years! Not only have we shared key life moments, she has kept my teeth and gums in excellent health and I've had zero issues! She is an amazing hygienist and person. Thank you, 



 Oct 05, 2017
Larry E.
Work done quickly and efficiently



 Oct 05, 2017
Michael Brent Lohr
Business Response:
Thank you, Michael! :)



 Oct 04, 2017
Barbara M.
Everyone was very patient with me. I was in extreme pain. Thank you everyone especially David who calmed me down when I got overwhelmed



 Oct 03, 2017
Shauntee P.
My experience was so commending, I made sure to leave a review in 2 places. The establishment was super clean, considering I have The staff was inviting and patient. The price for my service was extremely affordable. I needed an emergency extraction. I called on Sunday, they gave me a 7am appointment for Monday, I was out of there by 8:30am! Never have I had a wisdom tooth pulled and was able to go straight to work. Amazing service hands down!! Thank you Dr. Brown.



Sep 28, 2017
Daniela Malabad
Great group of dental professionals!
I am new to the area and needed a new dentist. 
They are all trust worthy and knew what they were doing, from the time I booked my appointment until I 
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Business Response:
Thank you Daniela! We really appreciate all of the kind words and glad you were so pleased with your visit. :)



Sep 27, 2017
Dr. Brown is Awesome!! He takes his time and listens to you. I have been to many dentist in my life and he is by far the BEST!! He really knows what he is doing. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else. 



 Sep 25, 2017
Fredda W.
Very professional.



Sep 25, 2017
My wife and I had our semi annual cleanings with X rays. The staff were very attentive and made you really feel welcome. Great dental team !


I am extremely satisfied, It's a miracle what my teeth look like now, and they really made my wedding day so much better. People tell me all the time that I have beautiful smile and I need to be on a Colgate commercial. They also tell me that I am in the wrong business that I need to be modeling. A lot of people want to know who did my teeth. I get compliments all the time. Dr. Kagan is a very trustworthy guy. He doesn't do it for the money, because if it's not perfect for him or look the way you want it he is not satisfied until it happens.
Kim Brown

Everyone in the office took my hand and babied me through a process I have been avoiding for ten years. Had I known it was this easy I wouldn't have waited so long. Thanks girls!
Sue Andrews

I have been a patient of Dr. Kagan for 12 years, and it has and continues to be the most pleasant of experiences every time I visit his office. He works at the very top level of the dental profession, keeping up with the absolute latest advances in techniques and materials, and applying them in the most skillful and knowledgeable way imaginable. And he is the most caring and patient sensitive dentist one could ever want. His most recent work for me, in basically creating a new range of teeth to fix and correct work that was done 30 years ago, has given me a look that I could not have imagined was achievable. Not only are my teeth fantastic, but they were completed perfectly and in a very short time, and I could not be happier. I would highly recommend Dr. Kagan to anyone who asks, and even those who don't.

Joel Tabachnik

I have been going to Dr. Kagan over 20 years. He is a very good dentist He does good work and you never experience pain when he is working on you.. I will not go to any other dentist unless he tells me to go to a specialist he recommends.

Norma Siegel

Dr. Kagan was very efficient making sure my crowns fit properly. He did not like the way the first one fit. He took it upon himself to send it back for a better fit. Dr. Kagan takes pride in his work which makes me confident he does his best to accommodate me the patient 

Eric Waaser

I love my implant! It feels like one of my natural teeth. Dr. Kagan did a great job!

Bob Levitz

Dr. Kagan was amazing. He made my teeth look beautiful and helped build my confidence. His staff treated me wonderfully. For someone who is afraid of the dentist it was a great experience.

Stacy Versace

Thank you so much for the excellent service, and compliment you and your staff on your top of the line medical expertise. Each and every one of them goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Melanie Taylor

I have been a patient for many years with Dr. Kagan and his office. Every visit has been extremely professional and stress free. The results of my dental work have been better than I ever could have expected.

Denise Felice

This is the very best dental group. I have been to many dentists all over the country and these folks are truly professional.

Kay Bestgen

I loved the sleep sedation that Dr. Kagan used to do my extensive dental work. I have always been a 'white knuckle flight' person at the dentist. I felt a lot of pain because of my sensitivity and needed to have my gums deadened to just have a teeth cleaning. Consequently, I had a lot of work to be done when I finally went to Dr. Kagan.

I have tried gas, novocaine, music, all were unsatisfactory. I took one pill, usually have to take two, but I was very mellow after one! He did a crown and worked on three other major teeth, and I did not remember anything. Throughout the procedure I do remember him talking to me, but no pain, no sensitivity, no fear, and no sound from the drill. I do not fear having work done now, but I am so careful about my teeth. I floss, use the water pik and have my teeth cleaned every six months. I know however, that if I do develop a problem, the sleep sedation is a safe way to have work done. Someone once said, it is like having 2 martinis on an empty stomach, you know what is going on, but you don't really care! It saved me from pain and fear and makes the dentist's job a lot easier. 

Leslie Shavell

When one enters Dental Care of Boca Raton, the first impression is extremely positive. You are in a comfortable waiting area where you are greeted by the professional staff. You are made to feel welcome, and the pleasant greeting alleviates the tension of being in a dentist's office. Upon being escorted to your room, you are impressed with the decor and the friendly atmosphere. You feel confident in the brightness, and you notice the up-to-date, state of the art equipment. You are definitely aware that you are in a first class facility. And the best is yet to come. You are in the hands of experts who are among the best in their field. One is given clear explanations so that you have full understanding of the procedures. Nothing is routine. You are given top-notch attention whether you are there for a cleaning or for expert cosmetic procedures. Personally, I feel this is the area of dentistry where the practice more than excels. I recently had ten porcelain veneers placed over my less than attractive discolored and crooked teeth. The result is amazing. I now have a Hollywood smile, which has me walking around, probably smiling too much. I extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. Kagan and his excellent and caring staff.

F. Carl Lohmar, Jr.

Besides the fact that the entire team of Dr. Kagan is always very friendly, understanding and polite, Dr. Kagan himself is a true 'Professional' and he displays an amazing amount of 'Care' to his patients like me. When I came to see him five years ago, I was an almost helpless case and most of my teeth were about to fall out. What Dr. Kagan was able to do for me was truly stunning. My teeth are firm and healthy again today. I have never regretted for a second that I put myself into his professional hands.

Sven Von Saalfeld

I've got a question for you: Have you ever been underwhelmed? According to the dictionary, this word technically does not exist, but the state of 'underwhelmedness' certainly does. I'm pretty sure that we've all experienced it at some point in our lives.  You know when you contract with a service provider and expect to get a certain something for your money. You're full of high hopes, but when things come out in the wash, you actually get less than what you bargained for. Or, when a friend agrees to help with a project, but in the meantime, some free tickets for the game come along and your friend goes to the game and you're left holding the bag.  You know what I'm talking about. That's being underwhelmed, disappointed, whatever. On the other hand, there's another concept that only comes along once in a while. It is sometime referred to as being bowled over or overjoyed or ecstatic. Any of these terms expresses how Hayley and I felt when we left your office on Tuesday. You are too much! As Hayley's mom, I have always been cognizant of good oral hygiene and keeping a watchful eye on her teeth-they came in so straight, thank God, that I didn't want to ruin a good thing. I was really concerned at this stage of the game when I noticed her lower teeth overlapping. Ugh! Rather than getting upset, I figured it was best to get your opinion. After speaking with you, I know that her smile is in good hands; however, I was not expecting such a generous gift of your time and talent. Thank you! It is a rare thing indeed to be blessed with a great doctor. We feel pretty lucky to have you looking after our dental health. Our heartfelt appreciation.

Vicky and Hayley Haas

I would like to take this opportunity to inform both of you what a wonderful job Patty Jordan does. I have been going to her for my cleanings for a long time. Due to some hardships I had been unable to get my cleanings for the last 2 years, but I went on Wednesday and Patty did my cleaning. She informed me that it was obvious that my home flossing and water picking has been paying off. She said my teeth looked really good considering how long it had been since I was there. I told her I have been working hard every day on my teeth. I just want to let you know how gentle, caring, professional and warm Patty is. I would never go to anyone else to get my teeth cleaned as I truly feel so comfortable with Patty. She is the best and I just wanted you to know what a great job she does.

Laurie Weiss

I have been a patient of Dr. Kagan's for approximately seven years and prior to that time I had seen several dentists in the South Florida area over a 20 year period with what I thought was above adequate dental care however I was wrong. Dr. Kagan was the first dentist to go beyond the typical process of ensuring my teeth were healthy, clean and cavity free. He made recommendations to improve my smile and correct issues I was never made aware of. He was the first to recommend I go to an orthodontist for braces since my teeth had shifted over the years to fill in for missing teeth. He took the time to clearly explain to me the advantages to getting my teeth corrected to avoid issues later in life. He made the transition to getting braces easy by partnering with a very competent Orthodontist he could work together with over the 3 year time period to perfect my smile and they did. So far I have showcased Dr. Kagan's administrative, communication and networking skills but his real talent is in his technical skills and knowledge of dentistry. He knows his business and shows a bit of artistry and creative talent when it comes to perfecting the smile. He has an artist''s eye which I believe is very important when you are trying to perfect a person's smile. Finally, he has a tremendous staff of very competent employees that make you feel right at home and comfortable being at the dentist. The office is stocked with the latest technology from electronics to cutting edge dental equipment and materials and I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about their dental care to make an appointment to see Dr. Kagan.

 Jeff Campbell

My name is Karen Schiller. I have been a patient of Dr. Kagan's for over five years. My entire family has been coming to see him for that period as well. I admire his devotion to his work and his general character as a professional and as a wonderful man. Dr. Kagan has taken great time with my handicapped brother; who until he met Dr. Kagan and his staff, was afraid to go to the dentist! With all honesty I find Dr. Kagan and all his staff to be professional and very caring to everyone's needs. I have given him as a reference to all my friends and family.

Karen Schiller

I'm smiling just because..I love my smile. I owe a special thanks to Dr. Kagan for the wonderful job he did putting veneers on my two front teeth. Approximately 20 years ago, the enamel on my two front teeth started to erode so I had bonding done. Over time as I aged (as we all must) my teeth became discolored, a gap developed between my two front teeth, and I needed the bonding to be re-done. I consulted with another dentist who gave me a whitening kit and added new bonding, but my bonded teeth didn't match and they became stained. A friend who is a periodontist recommended that I go to Dr. Kagan for guidance. Dr. Kagan suggested veneers. He truly went the extra step. I brought in a school photo from when I was a teenager because it showed a clear picture of my teeth when I was complimented on my smile. Dr. Kagan sent the picture to the lab, along with two color samples for the veneers and instructions for the percentage of each color to be mixed. When Dr. Kagan put on the veneers (the procedure was completely painless), I was happy beyond my wildest dreams. The color was perfect, my teeth looked so natural, and I felt young again! Dr. Kagan and I had kidded that we could use my teen photo as the after picture, but I am satisfied enough to use my now photo as my after picture. I also want to thank the staff in this office. Everyone is so polite, friendly, and efficient. Dr. Kagan and his office care about their patients, and with this added personal touch, I enjoy my dental visits. So now I'm even ready for Candid Camera.

Linda Gumenick

Dear Dr Kagan, I am writing to thank you and commend the work , professionalism and "over and above" effort of all the personnel at Dental Care of Boca Raton. Almost three years have passed since I first came to your office and I continue to reflect upon my unforgettable experience with you and your staff. As you are aware, I had quite an extensive dental work done and continue to visit your office on a regular basis. You have validated my expectations with your knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail, contagious enthusiasm, follow-through and passion for executing the "perfect smile". There are too many individual examples of your "meet and exceed the customer's expectations" approach to list, nevertheless I would like to mention just a few that clearly separates your service from "others". I have quite enjoyed the dinner gift certificate provided by your office to celebrate my "new smile". It was one of the examples of superior service comparable only to the service received at The Ritz-Carlton Hotels. My family will never forget the moment when your wife had personally delivered flowers to our house upon learning of my wife's illness. Your kindness is simply immeasurable. As a seasoned professional in a hospitality industry who continually expects excellence but rarely finds it at the level I expect, please know that I don't give compliments lightly. Your office staff is a jewel in the industry, and I hope that you are aware of their outstanding qualities, talents and commitment to your organization. My thanks to you for setting the foundation for such excellence within your organization. Be assured that I won't hesitate to share my experience with an unconditional recommendation for the work you do to make a patient's experience a pleasure.

Michael Angelov, Director of Sales and Special Events, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach

Dr. Kagan, you have been my trusted dentist for 18 years now, so when you suggested I have my smile improved, with 16 new crowns, I followed your advice. It was a very long day when you started working on my teeth early in the morning. For you indeed, because you could not lay me down in the chair all the way, due to the pain in my chest which I have had since my open heart surgery. You could not sit down to work on my teeth for many hours. In your words, I was making you the the upside down dentist again, like in the old days when dentists were working on their patients while standing. Sorry, doctor. For me the only difficult thing for me that day was having to skip my snack and lunch. But the final result is amazing. Now, when I smile, people ask often How did you do that?? And I ask them in return do what? And they say: 'the smile'. I always answer. I did not do anything. All I did was sit down at my dentist's office. It was he, Dr. Kagan, who gave me this smile. I sincerely thank you doctor.and believe it or not, I look forward to seeing you again.

Larry Morava

"My first visit was a very pleasant and comfortable experience. Dr. Kogan was very knowledgeable, honest and friendly. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful and friendly as well."
(5 stars)
by Anonymous (August 31, 2014)
"Relaxed atmosphere with kind, friendly and knowledgeable staff. First time in my life that I feel good going to the dentist. I HIGHLY recommend them. You will not regret it."
(5 stars)
by Andrea W (August 30, 2014)
"I received excellent care from Dr. Ardeshana, Lydia and the office staff. Much gratitude for Sunday hours!"
(5 stars)
by Susan. Caruso (August 24, 2014)
"Staff very attentive. Professional atmosphere. Latest procedures available. I was amazed of all the information they provided me with while I waited thru their flat screen TV."
(5 stars)
by Rosangela Qolff (December 22, 2011)
"Your care for me over the past 12 years has not changed, it is always first class. You succeed in making me feel "part of the family". Thank you for all you do."
(5 stars)
by MT (December 22, 2011)
"I went to this dentist after a broken tooth. I was happy to find that they could see me the next morning, which was a Saturday. After I filled out my new patient forms, I was taken right back to a room. After explaining my problem to the dental assistant, the dentist came in almost immediately to exam me. He gave me my options. Not having insurance I was concerned about the cost. Within a few minutes their receptionist came in with a clear explanation of the costs and fees. After choosing my treatment plan, I was taken care of almost immediately. I went in expecting that I would be there for hours and was pleasantly surprised by their prompt attention and friendly staff. I would HIGHLY recommend this dental practice!"
(5 stars)
by Carolyn (December 18, 2011)
"My visit to your office was the highlight of my week. It is always a pleasure to see everyones smiling faces. The care given is exceptional every time I come to your office. Thank you Dr. Kagan and staff for a great experience. Dental Care is the BEST dental office in Florida. "
(5 stars)
by Norman Raphael (August 20, 2010)
"Thanks - as always you guys are great, I really appreciate all that you do."
(5 stars)
by AA (August 17, 2010)
"The service was great, very fast and efficient. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. I typically dont like doctor's offices in general and dentists in particular but this is the one appointment I dont mind going to. Give this office a chance!"
(5 stars)
by Anonymous (August 10, 2010)
"I always have the best of care thank you. It is truly nice to walk in for an appointment and have the staff immediately acknowledge you as a patient and not a customer. "
(5 stars)
by Anonymous (August 4, 2010)
"A very friendly and extremely efficient staff. Dr. Kagan's dental work is beautiful and relatively pain-free. I was concerned about sitting in a dental chair since my neck and back have been bothering me, and when I mentioned this to the assistant, she offered me a cervical pillow which helped me tremendously."
(5 stars)
by Linda Gumenick (July 28, 2010)
"Dental Care is the best dental office in Florida. The friendliness of the entire staff is such a good feeling when I am there.

Thank you for having such a great office. Love coming there."

(5 stars)
by Claire Raphael (July 23, 2010)
"The staff is always pleasant and accomodating,they go out of the way to make the trip to the dentist painless"
(4 stars)
by (July 19, 2010)
"I really love the consistency of the staff. All have been there for years with the same happy and professional personalities. The commitment to being a leading edge office is quite commendable. The gentle dentistry practiced here is wonderful!!"
(5 stars)
by Anonymous (July 18, 2010)
"Very friendly setting with helpful tecks that go through any questions and explain and all answers."
(5 stars)
by JPR (July 17, 2010)
"what a breath of fresh air...from the moment i walked into your office and was so sincerely greeted by the very attractive front office staff i knew this place was appointment was for 12:20 and that is the exact time your lovely hygenist started cleaning my teeth...another plus...they realize my time is valuable too..."thorough and painless" is the only way to characterize the job she did..the whole experince made me realize there are still good people out thought there bill was more than reasonable


(5 stars)
by stephen blum (July 16, 2010)
"I'm a Regular.... GREAT customer service!"
(5 stars)
by Jon (July 14, 2010)
"Patti performs her work with great care and attention to detail. She is a highly competent and dedicated hygienist.

Office teamwork is superb with billing and scheduling quickly completed before you leave the chair.

Dr Kagan is a world class dentist with virtually every certification and optional training that a dentist can obtain. He is a perfectionist and that's just fine with me."

(5 stars)
by Bob Lee (July 14, 2010)
"Thank you very muth,this is best servise i
get ever

(5 stars)
by Yakov Relin (July 13, 2010)
"I am so happy. Dr. Kagen did a magnificent job with my invisalign. I now have straight teeth after all these years. I always smiled, but now I can smile with STRAIGHT TEETH."
(5 stars)
by Lorraine (July 13, 2010)
"I am always so impressed with the professionalism and awesome communication I receive from this office. Although the rates are extremely high, I do appreciate the quality of care my children and I receive. Thank you."
(5 stars)
by Susan Forma (July 10, 2010)